Wellness & Recovery Initiatives

“It is not so much the voices that are the problem, but the difficulties that some people have coping with them.”

The Hearing Voices Groups are:

  1. A self-help group for voice hearers, caregivers, family members, friends and service providers.
  2. A safe place to talk about visions and voices.
  3. An opportunity to learn what the voices mean and how to gain control over the experience.
  4. Access to information and resources.

If you are interested in starting up or attending a Hearing Voices Group, please contact Ty Park at

For more information on dates, times, and locations; click on one of the following links:

Middlesex County Emergency Services
Peer Support Advocate Initiative

Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey offers on-site peer support for people being treated for a behavioral health crisis in the Screening Center in Middlesex County and is developing partnerships with Emergency Departments throughout the County. The Emergency Services Peer Support Advocate team works in partnership with assigned hospital and staff to provide strength-based support that emphasizes hope and recovery, principles.

The Peer Support Advocate Team is part of the CSPNJ peer support services continuum in Middlesex County that includes the Moving Forward Community Wellness Center, the Peer Wellness Respite Program, and Turn A Frown Around (TAFA).

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