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These resources are available free of charge. We hope they are useful, and we welcome your feedback. When downloading materials, you are agreeing not to make any changes to content or format, including but not limited to acknowledgement of these material’s copyright and ownership by CSPNJ. Respecting our copyright is not only legally important but provides us with the recognition that makes it possible to continue to do this work. Please contact Peggy Swarbrick ( if you have any questions.

Wellness Inventory

Our assessment tool, the Wellness Inventory, gives you a way of thinking about what you are doing now for your personal wellness and to reflect on how you are feeling. This inventory outlines a variety of wellness strategies a person may use, and can be used to build new wellness habits and routines. Use it for yourself, if you are interested in taking a closer look at your own wellness. If you support others who are interested in enhancing their overall wellness, or boosting their wellness in one specific dimension, the Wellness Inventory will be a useful tool to guide exploration, goal-setting, and planning.

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