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Our Mission

Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, Inc. (CSPNJ) is a private not-for-profit organization. The agency is directed, managed and staffed through the collaborative efforts of mental health consumers, survivors and non-consumers. CSPNJ strives to provide individualized, flexible community based services that promote responsibility, recovery and wellness. This is done through the creation and administration of self-help centers, supportive housing, advocacy, and entrepreneurial programs for adults with mental health issues and other special needs.


Self-help Centers

CSPNJ's Self-help Centers are designed to empower mental health consumers to realize a lifestyle centered on wellness, a balanced state of social, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health.


The Community Enterprises Corporation mission is to provide services to organizations that are committed to provide economic opportunities and safe, decent, affordable and permanent supportive housing to low income persons with special needs.


Supportive Housing

Supportive housing service’s mission is to create an environment of hope that embraces the concept of wellness and recovery from mental illness. Support services are designed to provide people who have been diagnosed as living with a mental disorder the opportunity to live in the community in various housing settings where mobile support services are provided as needed.

Supported Employment

Supported employment is designed to assist people succeed in long-term and sustainable employment. CSPNJ’s supported employment program follows the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model of Supported Employment.


Financial Services

CSPNJ’s Financial Services are designed to promote financial stability, consistent with the concepts of empowerment, personal responsibility and recovery. They are also designed to move people from financial devastation and poverty, to financial well-being and independence with the concepts of budgeting to save, save to invest, controlling debt and building wealth through investing and asset accumulation strategies.

Wellness and Recovery

The Institute for Wellness and Recovery Initiatives of CSPNJ provides innovative, state of the art services aimed at creating and enhancing wellness and recovery. Through our many activities, we assist organizations in developing a workforce and service system grounded in a recovery and wellness orientation, and help individuals pursue their own paths towards wellness.


"CSPNJ shares a vision of healing and hope that is promoted by choice, freedom, inclusion and de-stigmatization. Our greatest resource is the life experiences of persons working through their own recovery."

Recent Blog Posts

Apr 16, 2014

Community Connections – March/April 2014

Wellness Respite Houses Opening! The CSPNJ Peer Respite house in New Brunswick will be opening the end of April, and the Haledon house is set to open in May.  Watch for Open House dates. NJ...

Apr 11, 2014

Delaware Peer Supporters produce their first newsletter!

Delaware’s Peer Supporters have created their first newsletter covering the news of peers working in the inpatient setting at the state hospital. Their work includes accompanying hospital residents through the entire process of discharge and settling into their own living apartment. In their newsletter, you will find a message from Gayle Bluebird, a book review by Danielle Denny, and a story by Bob Davis. You can read it here:


Apr 10, 2014

1 in 10 Energy Drink-Related Emergency Department Visits Results in Hospitalization

Energy drinks are more popular than ever. In addition to containing vitamins and other additives, these flavored beverages may contain up to 5 times more caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. SAMHSA has completed a report on the health hazards on energy drinks. To learn more go to:


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